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Cookie statement KVK Company Counter (version 4 November 2021)

KVK Company Counter is built using the Swing software from ABF Research. The website and Swing use functional cookies and analytical cookies, listed below. The KVK Company Counter does not process any personal data.

Cookie Description
SwingAnalytics User Statistics (Matomo of Google Analytics)
_ga User Statistics (Google Analytics)
_gatABFOverarching User Statistics - google tagmanager (Google Analytics) – ABF
_gat_UA_2727515-88 User Statistics -google tagmanager (ID of KVK)
_gid Google user id

The analytical cookies are tracked using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. This is done in a privacy-friendly manner in accordance with the regulations of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (in Dutch).  The Swing Mosaic website contains their privacy and accessibility statement (in Dutch).