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  • How can I use the KVK Company Counter?

    You can choose multiple sectors (max 5) in combination with 1 area. Ór multiple areas (max .5) in combination with 1 branch.

  • How can I select a sector of industry?

    1. By keyword. If you fill in a sector in the search window (for example: 'retail'), you will get a list of all the SBI codes containing the word 'retail'.
    2. By clicking on the list. Here you will find an overview of standard business classification codes (SBI, business activities). The complete list can also be found at the top of this page.
  • How can I select areas?

    You can choose between 5 geographical levels (in Dutch):

    • Place of residence (village or city)
    • Municipality (can consist of several places of residence)
    • Region (40 COROP-regions; smaller regions within the provinces)
    • Province
    • The Netherlands
  • How current is the data in the KVK Company Counter?

    The figures are updated quarterly:

    • Around 15 January (reference date 1 January)
    • Around 15 April (reference date 1 April)
    • Around 15 July (reference date 1 July)
    • Around 15 October (reference date 1 October)
    • The data comes from the KVK Business Register.
  • What if a registered company has 2 business activities: a main and secondary activity. How is this included in the count?

    The count is based on the main activity. Secondary activities are not included in the count. For example: a baker whose main activity is 'making bread' is not included in the count if you search for 'bread shop' (secondary activity).

  • Which companies are included in the count?

    • Economically active companies. These are for-profit companies, where labour is performed (at least one active person), and which do not belong to the business management sector (in particular financial holding companies and investment institutions). Non-profit associations and foundations are also not included.
    • Headquarters and branch offices.
  • Can I make a selection of companies via the KVK?

    The KVK Company Counter only contains statistics, not data from individual companies. For an address database, you can contact the Service Centre by telephone (088 585 15 85). They will be happy to inform you about the options and costs. Please note that the count results in the KVK Company Counter can deviate from the address file.

  • How can I save the result of the count?

    The KVK Company Counter does not have a storage function. We advise you to make a print screen of the result.

  • Can the information be used freely?

    Yes, with the source reference: KVK Company Counter.

  • Do you have an idea or improvement for KVK Company Counter?

    We would like to hear what you think of the KVK Company Counter. You can send us suggestions via the feedback button on the right of the page.

  • What is the difference between the KVK Location Scan and KVK Company Counter?, in Dutch) you explore the commercial potential of your future location. Who is the competition there and how is the population composed. The scan is available for sectors that focus on consumers. For example a shop, a lunchroom or a nail salon. The information in KVK Location Scan is more comprehensive but not available for all industry sectors, as is the case with the KVK Business Counter. The reference date of the source files of KVK Company Counter and KVK Location scan are not the same. This may cause minor differences. This tool is currently only available in Dutch.

  • What is the difference between KVK Regiodata and KVK Company Counter?

    KVK Regional data (, in Dutch) is an online benchmark tool. It allows you to compare the economy in your area with other areas. How many businesses are there? Which sectors are well or less well represented, how is the labour market doing? Are there many or few self-employed professionals (zzp’ers)? How many starters are there and how many businesses ended? So, the information is broader than a counting result. The reference date of the source files of KVK Business Counter and KVK Regiodata are not the same. This may cause minor differences. This tool is currently only available in Dutch.

  • Do you have questions about the KVK Company Counter?

    Call the KVK Advice Team on 088 585 22 22.